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Discover the ultimate Discord experience for Destiny 2 Guardians. The Taken Empire, a community of dedicated players, is committed to creating an unparalleled environment with endless possibilities. Join us and help shape the best Destiny 2 community in the galaxy.

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Curious about the inner workings of The Taken Empire?

The entire system is run through Discord and operates as follows: 

Want to know the qualifications for joining The Taken Empire Clan?

While the requirements to join our clan are not numerous, it is essential that you meet all of them. If you believe that you are a good fit for the clan despite not fully meeting the requirements, please reach out to the founder to discuss potential exceptions.

What is the history behind the establishment of The Taken Empire?

The Taken Empire began as an ambitious idea to create and run a Destiny 2 community where everyone could join and have fun together without toxicity. The staff team, led by mrXcrossM, recognized the difficulties that new players often face when dealing with experienced but toxic players. So, we set out to create a perfect gaming environment for players of all levels and backgrounds. Our goal is to continue to strive towards that ideal as both the community and the game evolve. We work hard to make our community thrive and encourage all members to aim for the future and strive for greatness.

The Taken Empire was established March 16. 2022 by mrXcrossM as founder and developer of the community.